The Marzano strategies for effective summarizing and note taking promote students to analyze a subject and to put the material into their own words. When students are working on creating their own summary of new material, they should have a better understanding of the subject. In addition, those who have taken more notes than fewer notes could act as a study guide for the student. Also, reading comprehension increases for students when taking notes.


Suggestions for students:
  • Set rules for creating a summary
  • Predict what will happen next in the text
  • Follow the teachers prepared notes
  • Use one general format for taking notes
  • Delete redundant words
  • Add extra details in sentences. (Example: Instead of "trees", use pine tree, palm tree, oak tree, and any other type of tree)
  • Personalize notes with colors, boxes around key concepts, and even use stars for important information.

Students in any grade should learn how to take effective notes, it will help them become more successful. Also, if students follow the simple strategies for note taking when they are young, the student will have good habits for note taking.